Perspex Sheets Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is something that the industry is working on consistently. Though acrylic is not a throw away, single use material. There are still areas to improve Perspex sheets sustainability. Reducing the impact on the environment. From sheet production to packaging, there are many areas which are developing to ensure that Perspex is as sustainable as it can be.

Are Perspex Sheets sustainable?

Properties and durability of ACRYLIC
  • Outstanding durability extends the life of many products
  • Longer lifespan means less frequent replacement
  • Acrylic is a Non-Toxic, pure material
  • A wide range of thicknesses, finishes and colours available
  • Suitable for food contact
  • Can be easily reused and recycled into new material
  • Half the weight of glass and more durable for outdoor use
  • Lower transportation costs and therefore lower carbon dioxide emissions
  • Significant savings in structural support when used in construction

Recycling Perspex Sheets


To reduce the amount of waste created during production and manufacturing of the products, Perspex aim for “getting it right first time”. Focusing on this minimises the waste and energy used during production. Also, creating a more efficient work environment and reliable service every time. 


As it is a synthetic material, acrylic can also be reused as products. Such as laser cut jewellery, signage, homeware and more. Offcuts of material can be sold online to reuse ware material. Providing online craft sellers with materials for projects and products. This the most eco-friendly solution for spare sheets. Perspex have stated that they never send any acrylic material to a land fill.


Perspex recycle over 600 tonnes of production waste per year – this is distilled back to MMA and returned into the production process.

Any acrylic material that cannot be reused is transformed back to its original state, then returned to the production process. This creates a cycle of production that uses all of the material and makes for a more sustainable process. Many companies and brands that are looking to use Perspex are now pushing to use only recycled material. Again to create a more eco-friendly project for them when and where they can. the fabrication of articles from solid waste is currently preferable to the more energy intensive recovery process required to convert those solid materials back into MMA.

How Perspex Panels are Sustainable

At Perspex Panels, we target to improve our sustainability and reduce waste in every way we can. Ensuring that we are using all the material we can before recycling it. Reusing offcuts for various products or ideas. We ensure that all of our acrylic waste is separated from general waste, and depositing this into different containers. These containers are then collected and the acrylic is ground down and recycled into new material.

Perspex Panels are a Perspex Approved Online Distributor. Offering a cut to size Perspex sheets service for a wide range of acrylic materials. Our range of colours available is one of the largest. We offer over 60 colours of acrylics and a range of finishes. Such as gloss, frosted, edge-lit, glitters and more. We can cut to any dimensions and measurements, even if you do not see the size you require on our website. Simply fill out the contact form on our website or send us an email. Our team are ready and waiting to receive your message. 

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Perspex Recycled - 100% Recycled Acrylic - Perspex®re


Perspex Panels are now offering PerspexRE, a 100% recycled material made from acrylic waste. The acrylic looks and acts exactly the same as standard material, making for an easy environmentally friendly switch. Available in 3mm thick Clear, Frosted, White and Black.

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